Our People

The Human Rights Data Analysis Group is composed of a diverse group of board members, full-time staff, and consultants. Employing a multidisciplinary approach, we work with experts in the fields of computer science, software development, mathematical and applied statistics, and demography.

Advisory Board

As a nonprofit organization, our Advisory Board serves as our governing body. This board helps us to make decisions, keeps us on track with our mission and goals, and oversees the organization in legal and logistical matters.

David Banks, Professor, Statistical Science, Duke University
Kim Keller, Executive Director, The Keller Foundation
Dinah PoKempner, General Counsel, Human Rights Watch

Emeritus Advisers

Science Advisory Committee

Our Science Committee advises and supports us in statistical theory and by reviewing our reports. With a broad range of backgrounds and expertise, these committee members offer HRDAG many years’ worth of experience and insight.

Susan Hinkins, Senior Statistician, Statistics and Methodology, National Opinion Research Center
Jennifer Hoeting, Professor, Statistics, Colorado State University
Nicholas Jewell, Professor, Biostatistics & Statistics, UC Berkeley School of Public Health
Louis-Paul Rivest, Professor, Mathematics and Statistics, Université Laval
Fritz Scheuren, Senior Fellow and VP, National Opinion Research Center

The Human Rights Data Analysis Group

Patrick Ball, Executive Director
Megan Price, Director of Research
Christine Grillo, Communications
Kristian Lum, Statistician
Suzanne Nathans, Administration
Kristen Cibelli, Field Consultant
Miguel Cruz, Technical Consultant
Christopher Dukich, Research Assistant
Michelle Dukich, Data Management Consultant
Anita Gohdes, Field Consultant
Tamy Guberek, Field Consultant
Daniel Guzmán, Statistical Consultant
Ann Harrison, Senior Science Writer
Amelia Hoover Green, Field Consultant
James Johndrow, Statistical Consultant
Rafe Kaplan, Software Engineer
Jeff Klingner, Computer Science Consultant
Jule Krüger, Field Consultant
Carolina López, Field Consultant
Shira Mitchell, Statistical Consultant
Gary Shapiro, Statistical Consultant
Romesh Silva, Statistical Consultant
Herbert Spirer, Statistical Consultant
Miki Takacs, Information Management and Technology Consultant
Beatriz Vejarano, Field Consultant
Scott Weikart, Computer Engineering Consultant
Paul Zador, Statistical Consultant

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    The Human Rights Data Analysis Group is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that applies rigorous science to the analysis of human rights violations around the world.
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    You are welcome to use these datasets for your research. If you publish with them, however, we ask that you include the following text: "These are convenience sample data, and as such they are not a statistically representative sample of events in this conflict.  These data do not support conclusions about patterns, trends, or other substantive comparisons (such as over time, space, ethnicity, age, etc.)."

    For reference and further information please see this blogpost about raw data and this blogpost about convenience samples. In addition, we recommend you read the following: Dorofeev, S. and P. Grant (2006). Statistics for Real-Life Sample Surveys. Cambridge University Press; and van Belle, Gerald (2002). Statistical Rules of Thumb. Wiley.

    If you use these data, please cite them with the following reference: