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Alanna Flores

Alanna joined HRDAG as a Data Science Fellow from March through August, 2024.

Elizabeth Eagen

Elizabeth brings leadership experience to HRDAG, with knowledge of emergent technologies in evidence and advocacy.

Paula Amado

Paula joined HRDAG as a Research Scholar for Winter 2022-2023.

MiKayla Green

MiKayla was a Data Science & Human Rights Intern in the summer of 2022.

Sajel Galhotra

Sajel was a Data Science & Human Rights Intern in the summer of 2022.

Sam Zhang

Sam will be a Data Science & Human Rights Fellow in the fall of 2022.

Sierra Wells

Sierra was a Data Science & Human Rights Intern in the summer of 2022.

Vernard Martin

Vernard supports HRDAG as a systems administrator.

Paul Wesson

Paul brings to HRDAG expertise in population size estimation.

Naomi Roht-Arriaza

Naomi brings to HRDAG expertise in transitional justice, reparations and international criminal law.

Alex Hanna

Alex brings to HRDAG expertise in computational technologies and how they exacerbate inequality.

Bailey Passmore

Bailey began as a data scientist with HRDAG in 2022.

Larry Barrett

Larry was the 2021-2022 Human Rights and Data Science Intern.

Mimi Onuoha

Mimi collaborated at HRDAG to explore the dynamics of data collection in order to inform her art.

Bing Wang

Bing was a Visiting Data Science Student in 2019-2020.

Valentina Rozo Ángel

Valentina was the 2019 HRDAG Visiting Analyst and returned as a consultant in 2022.

Trina Reynolds-Tyler

Trina was the 2019 HRDAG Human Rights Intern.

Camille Fassett

Camille was the 2019 HRDAG Data Science Fellow.

Rachel Weintraub

Rachel helps HRDAG structure and strengthen its major donor fundraising and board development efforts.

David Peters

David advocates the use of design to advance positive social change.

Our work has been used by truth commissions, international criminal tribunals, and non-governmental human rights organizations. We have worked with partners on projects on five continents.