Vernard joined HRDAG in 2022 as a systems administrator.

He has 25+ years of experience working with large-scale host installations, clusters, and high-performance computing environments. He specializes in optimizing hardware and software environments to obtain the most performance for application-specific scenarios and has worked with Atmospheric Scientists, Pharmaceutical companies, health care and bioinformatics, educational institutions, the airline industry, and the broadcasting industry.

His specialties include: Linux-based clusters, OpenMP and MPI libraries, RedHat Enterprise Linux, SAS, Splus, and Matlab applications, Nagios, and Monit network monitoring, Oracle/Altair Grid Engine, the standard suites of Nextgen Sequencing Apps (i.e. bowtie, samtools, kSNP, etc), CatDV, Evertz Transcoders, StorNext storage systems, Panasas NAS arrays, NetApp SAN/NAS, and Pure storage arrays.

Vernard on LinkedIn:

Our work has been used by truth commissions, international criminal tribunals, and non-governmental human rights organizations. We have worked with partners on projects on five continents.