2016 Publications

From time to time, we issue our own scientific reports that focus on the statistical aspects of the data analysis we have done in support of our partners. These reports are non-partisan, and they leave the work of advocacy to our partners.

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DatNav is the result of a collaboration between Amnesty International, Benetech, and The Engine Room, which began in late 2015 culminating in an intense four-day writing sprint facilitated by Chris Michael and Collaborations for Change in May 2016. HRDAG consultant Jule Krüger is a contributor, and HRDAG director of research Patrick Ball is a reviewer.


USA Today

William Isaac and Kristian Lum. Predictive policing violates more than it protects. USA Today. December 2, 2016. © USA Today.


Foreign Policy

Patrick Ball (2016). Why Just Counting the Dead in Syria Won’t Bring Them Justice. Foreign Policy. October 19, 2016. © 2016 Foreign Policy


To predict and serve?

Kristian Lum and William Isaac (2016). To predict and serve? Significance. October 10, 2016. © 2016 The Royal Statistical Society. 


The case against a golden key

Patrick Ball (2016). The case against a foreign key. Foreign Affairs. September 14, 2016. Foreign Affairs. ©2016 Council on Foreign Relations, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Technical Memo for Amnesty International Report on Deaths in Detention

Megan Price, Anita Gohdes and Patrick Ball (2016). Human Rights Data Analysis Group, commissioned by Amnesty International. August 17, 2016. © 2016 HRDAG. Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.

Criminality registration and measurement

Patrick Ball and Michael Reed Hurtado. 2016. El registro y la medición de la criminalidad. El problema de los datos faltantes y el uso de la ciencia para producir estimaciones en relación con el homicidio en Colombia, demostrado a partir de un ejemplo: el departamento de Antioquia (2003-2011). Revista Criminalidad, 58 (1): 9-23. Criminality registration and measurement. The problem of missing data, and the use of science to produce estimations relating to homicide in Colombia, as demonstrated with an example from one of its administrative and political divisions: the Department of Antioquia (2003-2011).

Una Mirada al Archivo Histórico de la Policía Nacional a Partir de un Estudio Cuantitativo

Carolina López, Beatriz Vejarano, and Megan Price. 2016. Human Rights Data Analysis Group. © 2016 HRDAG.Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.



Violence in Blue

Patrick Ball. 2016. Granta 134: 4 March 2016. © Granta Publications. All rights reserved.