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Reflections: The G in HRDAG is the Real Fuel

It took me a while to realize I had become part of the HRDAG incubator—at least that’s what it felt like to me—for young data analysts who wanted to use statistical knowledge to make a real impact on human rights debates.

Reflections: Challenging Tasks and Meticulous Defenders

I have made it my personal objective to amplify HRDAG's message of being extra careful and scientifically rigorous with human rights data.

Our Thoughts on #metoo

Violence against women in all its forms is a human rights violation. Most of our HRDAG colleagues are women, and for us, unfortunately, recent campaigns such as #metoo are unsurprising.

In Pursuit of Excellent Data Processing

The week began by going over the method I had developed for doing iterative pairwise matching on individual officers identified in distinct datasets with some overlapping information. Patrick offered a more rigorous and cogent way of describing the method—I did not have such a succinct description upon arrival.