Sierra Leone TRC Data and Statistical Appendix

HRDAG assisted the Sierra Leone Truth and Reconciliation Commission in building a systematic data coding system, electronic database, and secure data analysis process to manage the thousands of statements given to them in the course of their work. HRDAG executive director Patrick Ball and HRDAG field consultant Richard Conibere worked at the TRC full-time for approximately eighteen months starting in March 2003.

HRDAG worked with TRC researchers to help them incorporate quantitative findings to support the qualitative findings in their writing for the other chapters of the TRC report. In addition, HRDAG produced a Statistical Appendix to present analysis of the broad dimensions of data available from the the TRC’s database.

> the Sierra Leone Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) data

> the accompanying data dictionary

> Sierra Leone Statistical Appendix (25 March 2005) Adobe Acrobat PDF format, 407 Kb

If you use these data we ask that you include a citation, as well as this note:

“These are convenience sample data, and as such they are not a statistically representative sample of events in this conflict.  These data do not support conclusions about patterns, trends, or other substantive comparisons (such as over time, space, ethnicity, age, etc.).”

Anita Gohdes and Patrick Ball. (2010). Benetech/ABA-CEELI/Human Rights Data Analysis Group database of violations reported by the Sierra Leone Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

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