CIIDH Data – Variables List

Version date: 2000.01.29
Current version: ATV20.1
Patrick Ball & Herbert F. Spirer

Below are listed the 19 files that constitute the CIIDH database. We have noted those that include data that might be analytically useful in future versions of ATV. File names and brief definitions are in bold, and variable summaries are in bulleted points.

CXTOV2 (Context; links to VLCNV2)

  • Additional detail on geographic location of case
  • Narrative summary

CXTOV2ex (Context extension; links to CXTOV2)

  • Fine breakdown on the age category & sex of anonymous victims

CXTOV2lg (Context extension; links to CXTOV2)

  • Legal procedures taken on behalf of the victim

ENTRV2 (Interviewee; links to VLENV2pr)

  • Demographic data on interviewee (interview data only)
  • Whether testimony is signed (interview data only)

ENTRV2rl (links interviewee to victim(s))

PERPV2 (Perpetrator; links to VLPRV2pr)

  • Total number of individual perpetrators

PERPV2ar (Perpetrator weapons; links to PERPV2)

  • Type of weapons used

PERPV2cr (Perpetrator career; links to PERPV2)

  • Individual perpetrator career information (unit, rank, job)

PERPV2mv (Perpetrator vehicles; links to PERPV2)

  • Perpetrator’s type of vehicle, identifying information

PERPV2un (perpetrating unit; links to PERPV2)

VCTAV2 (Victim; links to VLCNV2)

VCTAV2ca (Victim characteristics; links to VCTAV2)

  • Victim clothing
  • Victim physical characteristics
  • Victim’s cultural sector

VCTAV2or (Victim organization; links to VCTAV2)

  • Victim’s university, work, and/or political affiliations

VLCNV2 (links to VCTAV2 & CXTOV2)

VLCNV2ex (VLCNV2 extension; links to VLCNV2)

  • Type of damage/trauma resulting from violation
  • Part of body injured in violation

VLENV2pr (links VLCNV2 and ENTRV2)

VLPRV2pr (links VLCNV2 and PERPV2)

XNUMLIST (unique list of keys, by machine id and key type)

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