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Reflections: Minding the Gap

I just now gasped out loud as I calculated how long it’s been since I met and became friends with Patrick Ball—30 years. We met my first year at Columbia College, where he was already a seasoned activist and unpaid pain-in-the-neck to the administration. People Against Bad Things was his primary extracurricular passion; the ad hoc organization was alternately dubbed People For Good Things. I leaned heavily toward liberal arts, and Patrick was a scientist through and through, but despite this gap in temperament, we’ve spent three decades enjoying stimulating debate. Little by little he’s invited me into his world, helping me dip my toe ...

HRDAG and #GivingTuesday

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New results for the identification of municipalities with clandestine graves in Mexico

The goal of this project is identify Mexican municipalities with a high probability of having clandestine graves. Knowing where to search will help to create better public programs regarding missing persons in Mexico.