Hat-Tip from Guatemala Judges on HRDAG Evidence

Rios-conclusion-stamp-20130520We welcome the verdict of a week ago by Judges Barrios, Bustamante, and Xitumul in the conviction of General Efraín Ríos Montt for genocide and crimes against humanity. Their 718-page written opinion contains many compelling arguments, findings, and conclusions. But the section we at HRDAG are most interested in is the one on page 245 (see original, below), where Patrick’s testimony is referred to.

Here’s an English translation:

The conclusion of:
Dra. Ira Yassmín Barrios Aguilar (Pdta)
Ab. Patricia Isabel Bustamante García (Jueza Vocal)
Mag. Pablo Xitumul de Paz (Juez Vocal)

C-01076-2011-00015, p. 245:

[Patrick’s] expert report provides evidentiary support for the following reasons: a) It shows in statistical form that from April 1982 to July 1983, the army killed 5.5% of the indigenous people in the Ixil area. b) It confirms, in numerical form, what the victims said. c) It explains thoroughly the equation, analysis, and the procedure used to obtain the indicated result. d) The report establishes that the greatest number of indigenous deaths occurred during the period April 1982 to July 1983 when José Efraín Ríos Montt governed. e) The expert is a person with extensive experience in statistics.

(Translation by Patrick Ball)

We especially like conclusion (b): our analysis is the victims’ voices in numerical form. We’re proud that our evidence contributed to this historic trial, and we look forward to witnessing the continued and expanded use of statistical science to pursue accountability and justice.

Excerpt from conclusion in Ríos Montt trial

Excerpt from conclusion in Ríos Montt trial









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