Policy or Panic? The Flight of Ethnic Albanians from Kosovo, March-May 1999

Appendix D: Sources of information about NATO bombing

  • Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY) Ministry of Defense briefings
  • FRY Civil Defense Authorities briefings
  • FRY Ministry of Foreign Affairs briefings
  • FRY Ministry of Information briefings
  • FRY, “Aide-Memoire on the Use of Inhumane Weapons in the Aggression of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia,” Belgrade, 15 May 1999.
  • Serbian Unity Congress NewsBits (29, 30 March & 1 April)
  • Tanjug Tanjug, “Chronology of Crimes and Dishonor of NATO,” 5 June 1999
  • NATO Operation Allied Force Update (daily briefings)

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